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This is the home page for the Quantum Optics and Quantum information group, based at the Instituto de Física of Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Please use the side menu for more information about our activities.

Our group does experimental and theoretical research on many aspects of quantum information, especially on implementations involving quantum optics. On the experimental front, the group at the Quantum Optics laboratory performs experiments with optical parametric oscillators (OPO's), among other systems. This lab is coordinated by prof. Antonio Zelaquett Khoury. A second quantum optics laboratory has also been set up at Departamento de Ciências Exatas in Volta Redonda, another campus of UFF, coordinated by Prof. José Augusto Huguenin.

On the theoretical side, we do research on topics in three main areas:

1- Quantum optics for quantum information

2- Foundations of quantum computation

3- Quantum information in condensed matter systems

Seminar Schedule - 2020

Seminars are usually in room A5-01 of the Physics Building at UFF, on Fridays, starting at 11:00.

We are having our seminars virtually with the classroom. The room is All are welcome


08/05 - Marcos Benicio De Andrade Alonso (UFF): Gaussian Boson Sampling

15/05 - Antonio Zelaquett Khoury (UFF): Bell inequality violation and operator ordering in quantum theory

22/05 - Thais de Lima Silva (UFRJ) : Experimentos em fundamentos de mecânica quântica utilizando ótica: um panorama do laboratório de ótica da UFRJ

29/05 -

05/06 - Gabriel Bié Alves (UFF): Mecânica quântica com modos estruturados da luz

12/06 -

19/06 - Gabriel Landi (USP): Landauer's principle at zero temperature

26/06 - Daniel Cavalcanti (ICFO, Barcelona), Statistical Properties of the Quantum Internet

03/07 - Michal Oszmaniec (CTP PAS, Warsaw)

10/07 - Leonardo Menezes (UFPE)

17/07 - Daniel Martinez Tibaduiza (UFF)

24/07 - Maron Freitas Anka (UFF)

31/07 - Kaled

07/08 - Daniel Jonathan

14/08 - Thiago

21/08 - Mohammad

29/08 - Zelaquett

04/09 - Brod




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