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 ====== Mini-course on complexity and linear optics ====== ====== Mini-course on complexity and linear optics ======
-Scott Aaronson (MIT) will be visiting our group between 16-20th December 2013. He'll be giving a mini-course on "​Complexity theory and quantum optics"​ from Dec. 16-19th (Monday to Thursday), from 10am to noon, in room 201 of the Physics Institute. ​Please get in touch with Ernesto Galvão at or Thiago de Oliveira at if you're interested in attending, external participants are encouraged ​to attend. More information ​can be found in {{curso_aaronson.pdf|this poster}}please distribute it and circulate information about this mini-course widely.+Scott Aaronson (MIT) is visiting our group between 16-20th December 2013. He'giving a [[:​aaronson_course|mini-course on "​Complexity theory and quantum optics"​]] from Dec. 16-20th (Monday to Friday), from 10am to noon, in room 403 of the Physics Institute. ​Click [[:​aaronson_course|here ​to find out more information ​about the course]]including some informal notes taken by Ernesto ​and Fernando de Melo
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