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Journal Club - Weak measurements

  • Speaker: Ernesto Galvão (IF-UFF)
  • 16/09/2011 room A5-01, 11:00
  • Topic: Weak measurements and implementations

Abstract: I'll briefly review weak measurements, and then discuss a recent experimental measurement of the average trajectories of photons in a double-slit experiment.

On weak measurements:
A time-symmetric formulation of quantum mechanics - Aharonov, Popescu, Tollaksen, Physics Today, November 2010, p. 27.
The Two-State Vector Formalism: an Updated Review - Yakir Aharonov and Lev Vaidman, arXiv:quant-ph/0105101v2

The photonic experiment:
Observing the average trajectories of single photons in a two-slit interferometer - Kocsi et al (Steinberg group, Toronto), Science 332, 1170 (3 June 2011).

Links to the 10 abstracts we read:
Compressed quantum simulation of the Ising model. B. Kraus.
Longer-Baseline Telescopes Using Quantum Repeaters - Gottesman et al.
Entanglement-secured single-qubit quantum secret-sharing - Scherpeltz et al.
Optimal linear optical implementation of a single-qubit damping channel - Fisher et al.
Observation of topologically protected bound states in a one dimensional photonic system - Kitagawa et al.
Manipulating and probing Majorana fermions using superconducting circuits - You et al.
Strongly correlated photons on a chip - Reinhard et al.
Entangled Photon Polarimetry - Altepeter et al.
Waveguide single-photon detectors for integrated quantum photonic circuits - Sprengers et al.
All photons are equal but some photons are more equal than others - Toppel et al.


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