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-Daniel Jost Brod+===== Daniel Jost Brod =====
-Doutorando +{{:people:​brod_grande.jpg?​200}}
-Localização: +
-E-mail: Professor (Prof. Adjunto) ​ \\ 
 +Room A1-05
-Telefone: 2629-5792+E-mail: \\ 
 +CV Lattes: http://​​2149664608521453 \\
-OrientadorErnesto Fagundes Galvão+**Academic summary** \\ 
 +* Graduated in Physics at the Universidade de Brasília (2008);\\ 
 +* Ph.D. in Physics at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (2014); \\ 
 +* Post-doc positions at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (2014-2017) and the Universidade Federal Fluminense (2017 - 2018). \\ 
 +My main research interests are in the area of Quantum Computing, in particular in understanding which fundamental physical resources are sufficient or necessary for the construction of quantum devices capable of demonstrating some computational advantage. Specifically,​ I have worked in 
 +  * Quantum computing with (bosonic) linear optics and the Knill-Laflamme-Milburn protocol; 
 +  * Restricted models of quantum computing and their complexity: 
 +   * BosonSampling (i.e. non-adaptive linear optics); 
 +   * Matchgates, a set of quantum gates closely related to //​fermionic//​ linear optics; 
 +   * Other "​quantum computational supremacy"​ proposals, such as random circuits, IQP, and so on; 
 +  * Quantum computing with nonlinear optics. Specifically,​ whether it is possible to construct a working quantum computer based on the cross-Kerr or self-Kerr effects; 
 +I am also strongly interested in other topics in the field of quantum computation,​ information and foundations,​ such as  
 +  * Alternative models of quantum computing, such as measurement-based,​ topological and adiabatic quantum computing;​ 
 +  * Whether it is possible to perform other "​nonclassical"​ tasks, such as violations of Bell inequalities,​ within restricted subsets of Quantum Mechanics. 
 +My list of publications can be found [[https://​​a/​brod_d_1.html|here]].
-Lattes: http://​​2149664608521453 
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