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-===Ernesto Fagundes Galvão=== 
-{{:​people:​ernesto_galvao_2014d_peq.jpg?​150 }} 
-Associate Professor (Prof. Associado) ​ \\ 
-Room A1-08, phone: +55 (21) 2629-5779 
-E-mail: \\ 
-CV Lattes: http://​​9921299672328490 \\ 
-Website: http://​​ernesto/​wiki/​doku.php 
-My main research is in the areas of quantum information and foundations of quantum mechanics. ​ My research interests include: photonic quantum computers, measurement-based quantum computation,​ restricted classes of quantum computers, quantum non-locality and contextuality. 
-I have written [[http://​​ernesto/​wiki/​doku.php/​livro|a short book about quantum computing (in Portuguese)]],​ at a very introductory level, aimed at a general non-technical audience. 
-A complete list of my scientific publications can be found [[http://​​find/​quant-ph/​1/​au:​+galvao/​0/​1/​0/​all/​0/​1|here]]. 
-I currently supervise PhD student João Paulo Gâmbaro, Master'​s degree student André Oestereich, and undergraduate student Allan Tosta. 
-For more information,​ check out my {{http://​​ernesto/​wiki/​doku.php/​home_english|website}}. 
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