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We study spatial and temporal quantum correlations arising in optical and atomic systems, with possible applications in quantum information. We also do research on fundamental aspects of quantum theory, which have been revisited recently under the light of quantum information and quantum computation.

The group develops both theoretical and experimental activities.

On the experimental front, the group at the Quantum Optics laboratory performs experiments with optical parametric oscillators (OPO’s), among other systems. This lab is coordinated by prof. Antonio Zelaquett Khoury. A second quantum optics laboratory has also been set up at Departamento de Ciências Exatas in Volta Redonda, another campus of UFF. These experiments have been primarily funded through participation in the Brazilian government’s Millennium Institute for Quantum Information and the more recent PensaRio project from funding agencies FAPERJ/CNPq. The group is also part of the recently-approved Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia - Informação Quântica, the largest research collaboration on quantum information in Brazil.

On the theoretical side, we are interested in many topics, such as:

entanglement characterization and quantification; quantum information-inspired non-classicality criteria; theoretical study of quantum optical systems; pseudo-random unitaries for quantum information processing; measurement-based quantum computation.

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