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-====== Research ====== 
-Our group does experimental and theoretical research on many aspects of quantum information,​ especially on implementations involving quantum optics. 
-On the experimental front, the group at the [[http://​|Quantum Optics laboratory]] performs experiments with optical parametric oscillators (OPO'​s),​ among other systems. This lab is coordinated by prof. Antonio Zelaquett Khoury. A second quantum optics laboratory has also been set up at Departamento de Ciências Exatas in Volta Redonda, another campus of UFF, coordinated by Prof. José Augusto Huguenin. 
-On the theoretical side, we do research on topics in three main areas: 
-1- [[:​qoptics|Quantum optics for quantum information]] 
-2- [[:​foundationsqc|Foundations of quantum computation]] 
-3- [[:​spins|Quantum and classical correlations in solid state systems]] 
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