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Journal Club - superposições de ordens temporais

11:00, room A5-01
Speaker: Ernesto F. Galvão (UFF)
Journal Club title: Superposition of temporal orders

I'll review some recent papers on different topics relating temporal order and causality, on one hand, with quantum mechanics on the other. In particular, I'll review the idea of using superpositions of temporal orders for computational advantage [1], and a recent implementation of such a procedure in optical interferometers [2]. If time allows, I'll also discuss a couple of new results about how quantum systems may behave differently from classical systems with respect to determination of causal effects [3,4]. I'll end with the usual round-up of new results of interest to the group.


[1] Quantum computations without definite causal order. Chiribella et al.,
[2] Experimental Superposition of Orders of Quantum Gates. Procopio et al. (Philip Walther's group),
[3] Quantum correlations which imply causation. Fitzsimmons, Jones, Vedral,
[4] A quantum advantage for inferring causal structure. Ried et al.



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