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Monogamy of Quantum Discord by Multipartite Correlations

Data: Sexta-Feira 14/09/2012 Sala A5-01, 11:00

Palestrante: Helena Braga (UFF)
Título: Monogamy of Quantum Discord by Multipartite Correlations
Resumo: We introduce a monogamy inequality for pairwise quantum correlations, which implies that the sum of pairwise quantum correlations is upper limited by the amount of multipartite quantum correlations as measured by the global quantum discord. This monogamy bound holds for either pure or mixed quantum states provided that the conditional mutual information does not increase under measurement. We illustrate the monogamy behavior for multipartite pure states with Schmidt decomposition as well as for W-GHZ mixed states. As a by-product, we apply the monogamy bound to investigate residual multipartite correlations.


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