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Photons and qubits - experiments and interpretations

Data: QUINTA-Feira 02/05/2013 Sala A5-01, 11:00

Palestrante: Daniel Terno (Macquarie University)

Título: Photons and qubits: experiments and interpretations

Resumo: The talk consists of two parts: first I discuss some of the interesting quantum stuff you can do if you have a satellite, and then I show how quantum control makes foundational experiments more interesting.

QEYSSAT satellite quantum communication experiments push direct tests of quantum theory up to the scale where the interaction between gravity and quantum phenomena becomes important. I discuss several quantum effects that are relevant for the project

Quantum circuits provide present a unifying framework to analyze quantum-controlled experiments in foundations of quantum theory. I illustrate it by a quantum delayed-choice experiment, discuss its implications, present some recent experiments, outline future applications and some unusual results about our classical ideas.


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